Last week’s conference at our flagship teleport in Leuk, Switzerland saw team members, longstanding and new, meet for the first time, tour the facilities and discuss what’s next for the company.

With the introduction of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technologies we’re facing the biggest advance in satellite communications that the sector has seen in decades. This, paired with game-changing developments at our data centre, Signalhorn is poised to refine existing capabilities and deliver a new line of focused services and products that deliver better business results whilst improving end-user experience.

With Q4 upon us, it was vital that joint Leadership, Operations and Sales teams met in person to align our vision for 2022 and beyond; here are some of the highlights.


Our teleport in Leuk has been home to world-class satellite communication facilities for 50 years.

Leuk is home to over 50 antennas with the capacity for many many more

Our team of expert technicians run the site 24/7, some of which have been with the company for over 20 years

The teleport at Leuk is home to miles of tunnels that allow subterranean access to antennas from our NOC

The fabrication workshop is still as active today as it ever has been

Team Sessions

The sessions ran over two days focusing on existing customer solutions and new technologies that we can use to enhance existing service offerings and reach new prospective customers.

Our COO Andy explaining LEO satellite coverage and new antenna technology

The team, longstanding and new all gave presentations on their specialisms

Enjoying Leuk

Towards the end of the week, we took the time to explore the locale that our facility and its staff have enjoyed for decades – photos courtesy of our Sales director Alex McGregor.

In Summary

A much needed week for everyone involved, first meetings, and illuminating conversations on what’s to come in this next chapter of Signalhorn’s ongoing development. It is with focus and a very long to-do list that we see out this year and welcome in the next; watch this space for updates.