Government & NGO

For operators in this market, flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions for immediate command and control between operational units and headquarters are essential. Signalhorn has ensured provision of a reliable, flexible and cost efficient service to our Government and NGO customers for decades.


Why choose Signalhorn for Government & NGO needs?

Our easy to use on-site solutions are designed to have communications up and running quickly for all our Government and Non-government Organisation (NGO) customers. Our solutions enhance interagency communications and provide vital connections to outside networks from remote locations. Through secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which can be rapidly established on demand, Signalhorn links to any site in the world, to deliver any type of secure communications platform needed.

Global infrastructure

Signalhorn has the reach to deliver comprehensive, reliable, quality service to any of your facilities worldwide.

Trusted provider

Governmental and NGO organizations trust Signalhorn since decades to provide their most critical communication needs. Trusted by those who trust no one.

Technologically advanced

Integrating the most potent technologies available enhances visibility into your networks and operations ultimately leading to greater control of every aspect.

Stable company

Signalhorn enjoys financial stability due to diversified revenue streams. For our customers, this means they have the backing of a company invested in technology leadership.


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