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In today’s competitive global environment Signalhorn provides complete reliability for customers with unique maritime communications needs. Signalhorn addresses these needs and support shipping companies who want to streamline operations and retain good crew. For luxury vessels who want a reliable service, smooth operations, high availability, confidentiality and customer service mentality, these are all strengths that form the cornerstone of the solutions Signalhorn build.


Why should you do Maritime Business with us?

When Satcom and cellular is the backbone of your communications network out on the high seas and in port, it absolutely has to work! Signalhorn delivers the expertise and solutions necessary to empower customers so that they can provide high-bandwidth communication links, anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service, along with our confidential and reliable solution ensure you feel connected and taken care of.

Greater control

We maximum flexibility we offer a wide range of dedicated profiles and shared profiles. Dedicated profiles (1:1) are designed and priced upon application while we offer 5 standard shared profiles too, which can be activated as needed. Naturally those come with logical and comprehensive Service Level Agreements.

Extended reach

Extended coverage (3 beams) in the Mediterranean and other areas (min blockage). Resulting in a standard offer that comprises the Mediterranean, Middle East, Caribbean Seas and Two Atlantic Ocean crossing (one single rate).

Guaranteed service

An extensive communication structure enables reliable end-to-end information transfer. Asymmetric and full duplex connections with guaranteed contentions ratios. This means a guaranteed 99.5% uptime with in-house 24/7 support

Robust technology

Critical applications for data, voice and video are supported through the use of quality of service (QoS ). A download bandwidth up to 4Mbps and an upload bandwidth up to 1Mbps are available as standard services. Individual solutions can be tailored and are available on request.


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