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Welcome to Signalhorn

Home to Europe’s leading green Teleport and Data Centre facility, Signalhorn provides governments, companies & institutions with highly resilient communication & data services.


For 50 years our highly experienced staff & management team have delivered innovative solutions that offer our customers competitive advantage.

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Our solutions

Satellite communications

High-availability satcoms and satellite networks for reliable connections no matter where you are in world. We deliver global turn-key communication solutions.

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Data centre services

High-availability, high-security data centre colocation and leasing for the world’s most demanding and custom applications. Trusted by those who trust no one.

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Network management Services

We provide 24×7 network monitoring and management. Our sophisticated network management and performance monitoring tools ensure you’re always connected.

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Why choose us

Your network is the nerve system of your operations. You shouldn't trust that with just anybody. You need a provider that utilizes the entire spectrum of networks and communication solutions to ensure your network is always up and always secure.

To provide this cutting-edge solution, we create Hybrid Networks. Using a mix of satellite, terrestrial and wireless technologies we go above and beyond traditional network providers. And behind this tech, are people. People dedicated to their craft and to providing you with only the best solutions and services - 24/7 - 365 days a year.

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What our customers say


“For more than ten years, Signalhorn has been our trusted hybrid/satellite network provider in some of the world‘s harshest and most remote drilling sites. We very much appreciate the attentive care, the tailored solutions, and the extended professional support of Signalhorn for our operations.”


“Signalhorn provides an integral part of our military communications solution. Together we develop military communications solutions for fast-moving communications needs in life-threatening, national security, as well as emergency scenarios.”


“Signalhorn has provided us with excellent services. Over the years, Signalhorn has been a reliable partner with steady support for our business. We are pleased with this partnership and look forward to the years ahead.” – Graham Warren, COO, Eurovision Media Services


“We decided to choose Signalhorn after closely examining its capabilities in terms of network infrastructure, space for further expansion, range of teleport services, expertise in iDirect technology and capability to tailor the service to our specific network and needs.”


“We looked for the right communications provider for our retail stations. Signalhorn immediately understood our objectives and crafted the new terrestrial solution to fit our needs, allowing us to streamline our networks.”

UK Power Networks

“We chose satellite as a natural medium of transport for reliable control and monitoring of our network and we have not been disappointed from our experience of both the technical solution and in working with Signalhorn.”

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