In today’s fast moving global economy, turnkey communications solutions, systems and engineering expertise are a necessity. Signalhorn provides you with reliable business continuity services, that keep your business running and your company true to your promises. Moving to the cloud, just-in-time production or industry 4.0/M2M all require the highest availability for your data connection. Signalhorn delivers the expertise needed to keep your company connected anywhere in the world.


Why choose Signalhorn for your Business Enterprise?

Whether you need a high availability, secure network, a reliable connectivity service you can trust or a quick solution for an urgent communication need, Signalhorn has you covered.

Cost management

With decades of experience in designing, implementing and running hybrid networks we are vendor and technology neutral. This enables us to provide the best and most cost efficient solution for your specific requirements.

Business continuity

We provide cost effective connectivity and a reliable business continuity solution to keep you in business, anywhere in the world.

Versatile approach

We provide hybrid solutions consisting of satellite, terrestrial, wireless and 3G and 4G for business continuity, mobile, point of sale (POS), security and more. Our solutions are easily integrated into existing networks and feature rapid implementation roll-out.

Management of network services

We provide turnkey solutions, working together with you to ensure the most effective deployment of your solution. We also assist with design, security, implementation and ongoing network management.


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