The selection of a data centre is based on many factors but the location is always high on the priority list. Our customers need to ensure the highest availability of services to their customers therefore a second or third location, often known as a ‘Disaster Recovery Site’ is required.

There is much debate around the requirements for this additional site, particularly in the Swiss market where many providers base the distance between primary and disaster recovery sites on the 15km (or more) rule accepted by FINMA. However, studies have shown that true Georedundancy should be closer to 200km; a distance which is hard to achieve in Switzerland, but here at Signalhorn, we offer a solution.


Our Data Centre is in Leuk, Canton Valais in Switzerland. This facility is Signalhorn’s headquarters and the site of our world-class Teleport and Network Operation Centre (NOC). The secluded location meets strenuous ‘Georedundancy’ requirements for companies typically operating out of all major Swiss cities outside of the Valais as well as northern Italy.

Multiple Fibre Options and Redundant Satellite Connectivity

Fibre building entry points are the core of any terrestrial connectivity but for true redundancy, a facility cannot just have one. That’s why we have three running on diverse paths away from the data centre. In addition to this, we can offer multiple satellite connectivity options available to our customers through our Teleport as a further redundancy measure for scenarios like disaster recovery.

Diverse Carriers

In addition to multiple fibre options, we have a range of carriers each with their own presence in Leuk. Economic benefits aside, a choice of carriers ensures constant connectivity across multiple terrestrial networks.


Perhaps the most unique thing about our facility is that it is run on 100% green energy with the majority from our own solar project and the rest from local Valais hydroelectric power. Firstly, this enables our customers to meet their sustainability objectives head-on, through hosting business-critical applications with Signalhorn instead of costly, peripheral, carbon offsetting projects. 

What’s more, as our solar project matures in 2022, we will run solely on our own solar power, allowing us to reserve hydroelectric power as a further redundant power source in addition to our diesel generators and backup battery power.

In Summary

Location is key; a backup facility far from your main operations should be a critical requirement for all enterprises, institutions and governments. 

What makes the Signalhorn Data Centre the perfect option for your Georedundancy requirements is the distance from Swiss major metro areas, a diverse range of fibre and satellite connectivity options from a competitive pool of providers, and renewable energy produced on-site that helps you meet your environmental and sustainability requirements through hosting business-critical applications at Signalhorn.

If you have questions about our Data Centre Services and how Signalhorn can help you meet your sustainability objectives feel free to contact me, or Enquire Here.