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SD-WAN Solutions


Explore how ADVANTAGE RT powered by Signalhorn can enable more secure, consistent and cost effective connections for retail operations

Next Level SD-WAN Solutions for Retail

ADVANTAGE RT delivers business-grade Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology to address the challenges of evolving applications both today and tomorrow.

Total flexibility to integrate Public Internet Connectivity is a key attribute of ADVANTAGE RT.  Our SD-WAN solution is also truly Transport Independent which means that your connection extends to endpoints delivering support for physical or virtual environments, rich network services and across the branch, WAN Aggregation or Cloud. ADVANTAGE RT features Multi-Tenancy architecture which allows a single instance of a software application to service multiple customers, or tenants enabling branches to connect over any type of connection. Multi-tenancy brings with it economical benefits because software development and maintenance costs are shared.

Additional Benefits of Multi-Tenant Architecture
Let’s review some of the advantages of multi-tenant environments and why they are ideal for some organizations:

As already mentioned, one financial benefit of multi-tenancy architecture is that the per user cost is lower because all resources are shared. If you’re searching for a solution that makes the most financial sense, opting for a multi-tenancy architecture might be what you’re after.

Resource Usage
Because all of the resources are shared, multi-tenancy architecture operates at maximum resource usage, which makes for optimum efficiency. The system is a constantly moving environment where resources are being simultaneously accessed.

Easier Set Up and Onboarding
Signalhorn platforms that feature multi-tenancy architecture provide top-notch customer service. That’s because we have a high volume of customers and need to ensure each has a the best experience possible. The multi-tenancy architecture and environment is largely the same for each customer, with some optional configurations, making it easier for our customers to perfect the onboarding process and optimize it for ease of use.

Delivering all the key features you need to reach your business objectives through SD-WAN
  • Transport independence
  • Fully managed service
  • Integrated security
  • Device consolidation
  • Multi-Tenancy
Multi-Tenancy architecture

Security, Analytics & Location Solutions for Your SD-WAN

The ADVANTAGE RT solution and services portfolio lets you extract maximum value from your network while better ensuring its security.

Whether you’re looking to predict the next network trouble spot, to improve operational efficiency in your venue or to securely on-board any and every device, ADVANTAGE RT helps you get it done right. And your users? They get an awesome experience in the process.

SmartCell Insight

Wireless analytics that provide network insight and KPIs for thousands of access points. SmartCell Insight aids in capacity planning by helping you identify which access points are over- and under-used. It also helps to identify the root causes of lapses in service levels. Detailed wireless network intelligence saves you time with ready access to wireless network data. You can focus on strategic priorities rather than day-to-day wireless service problems.

RF Planning

Wi-Fi planning tool ideal for designing and estimating before Wi-Fi access point installation. Before any actual AP deployment, ZonePlanner lets installers determine the correct quantity, placement and configuration required to deliver full coverage for end-users while minimizing signal bleed into unsecured areas. Users can preview the network by channel or SSID ensuring the network conforms to any specification.

Location Analytics

Wi-Fi location analytics for asset tracking, monetization and customer engagement. Smart Positioning Technology offers secure APIs that ADVANTAGE RT ecosystem partners leverage to develop applications with location-aware features while ensuring data privacy. These third-party applications provide customized location-based solutions catered to different industries.

Cloudpath Enrollment System

Security and policy management platform for wired and wireless, BYOD, guests and IoT. Smart Positioning Technology offers secure APIs that ADVANTAGE RT ecosystem partners leverage to develop applications with location-aware features while ensuring data privacy. These third-party applications provide customized location-based solutions catered to different industries. Enterprises or Managed Service Providers can also use SPoT APIs to incorporate location data into their own applications.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for controllers, cloud Wi-Fi, location and performance testing.

Make Connectivity for Your Customers Safe, Efficient & Secure

COLLECT information about their behaviour. CONNECT your guests. ENGAGE with them through advertising and promotions

Engage with customers and keep them coming back to the store with an unforgettable digital experience. Make connectivity so simple and inspiring that customers become brand ambassadors.

Knowing who your customers are and what they do digitally in store helps you interact better, deliver outstanding service and design smarter through context-appropriate promotions.

Integrate on-line with in-store shopping experience to change your shoppers into faithful customers who will be welcomed back every time they connect.

Do you want to know about the potential of your Wi-Fi network. ADVANTAGE RT develops solutions enabling mobile users, employees, visitors, and guests to connect securely and seamlessly to public and private Wi-Fi networks. ADVANTAGE RT powered by Signalhorn is a complete, highly scalable solution to manage tens of thousands of Wi-Fi users concurrently. ADVANTAGE RT leverages the Wi-Fi experience to increase customer engagement, and create new revenue opportunities.

ADVANTAGE RT unlocks the marketing potential of in-store Wi-Fi and maximizes customer service, customer loyalty and revenue generation.

Sd-wan solutions

Gain rich services like WAN optimization and firewall or basic WAN connectivity, for physical or virtual platforms across the branch, WAN, or cloud.


Get real-time application optimization for productivity and SaaS applications. Intentbased dynamic path control optimizes network and application performance.


Deploy applications in minutes, on any platform. Deliver a consistent user experience and predictable performance.


Get cloud-based or on-premises security with a broad ecosystem for superior threat intelligence.


Get faster, easier deployment and operation of your WAN, and faster performance using less bandwidth.


Securely connect users to applications. Multilayer security encrypts all data for protection from the WAN edge to the cloud.


With a simple software update, extend intent-based networking to your WAN.


Deploy your WAN over any type of connection, such as MPLS, Internet, or 4G LTE.

What's included in hybrid networks…


Network Management


Security Management


Data Centre Colocation

We can connect you, no matter where you are

  • Wireless Network

  • Coverage Map

“Signalhorn has provided us with excellent services. Over the years, Signalhorn has been a reliable partner with steady support for our business. We are pleased with this partnership and look forward to the years ahead.” – Graham Warren, COO, Eurovision Media Services

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