Signalhorn Secures SCADA/M2M Project With A Leading European Manufacturer of Wind Turbines

Signalhorn has secured a SCADA/M2M project with a new customer, currently one of Europe’s top manufacturers of wind turbines; and with an installed base of 27.000+ Wind Energy Converters (WEC), it is within the TOP 3 of the worlds leading wind energy industry companies.

The Company faced the challenge of operating a reliable, homogeneous and secure SCADA/M2M communication infrastructure between the corporate headquarter in Germany and its multitude of wind parks across the globe – this is to facilitate its customers access to wind park specific information through their partnering and service information platform.

Based on a demand of 500 VSAT implementations per year, Signalhorn will initially provide Eutelsat KA-SAT Tooway™ Business Services for 100 sites with data rates of up to 6 Mbps OB/22 Mbps IB via Eutelsat 9A. The deal – with a contract value of $863,200, includes a 60-month contract and full equipment sets as well as a customized API to interconnect the Company’s customized service information platform and Signalhorn’s Customer Portal.

Following a multi-year effort, this deal opens the door to significant opportunities related to power distribution networks, and is a strong step forward in becoming a leading provider to the rapidly growing Renewable Energy market.

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