Signalhorn lands contract for TurkStream

Signalhorn—a leading provider of hybrid networks, has successfully negotiated a contract for the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline project to provide VSAT services. TurkStream will consist of two offshore gas pipelines from Russia to Turkey delivering 31.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. TurkStream is currently being constructed in the Black Sea.

Signalhorn has over 40 years of experience providing mission critical services for key operators in the Oil & Gas market. Working with TurkStream will further extend Signalhorn’s services between the two continents.

“We are proud to be selected to provide the TurkStream satellite network with our proven pipeline network solutions. This partnership will ensure that the remote locations of the landfall sites and the European sites will be connected with highly secure, trusted networks,” said Gary Bray, VP of Energy Sales. He went on to say, “This also further strengthens our relationship with pipeline operators that seek to focus on their core business rather than their telecommunications networks.”

South Stream Transport BV (SSTTBV) from the Netherlands is responsible for the construction of TurkStream. SSTTVB is a subsidiary of Gazprom.

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