Signalhorn embraces newly formed WTA Teleport Certification Standards

Signalhorn is pleased to announce that their teleports in Backnang and Leuk are the first to be fully certified under the WTA Teleport Certification Program, which was recently launched by the World Teleport Association.

WTA’s Teleport Certification Program aims to serve both teleport operators and their customers by creating an objective, transparent, and internationally accepted method for teleport operators to document the quality of their operations for customers and strategic partners. It also aims to provide a means for customers to select teleport vendors delivering the price-performance level that is appropriate for their applications.

The program provides four levels of certification, from Tier 4 to Tier 1. Each level reflects a set of clear and objective standards for facilities, technology and operating procedures. Certification at one of these levels indicates, at a minimum, that the teleport complies with the standards of that level.

“We are proud to be members of the World Teleport Association which represents our industry and promotes quality, knowledge and education in everything we do. This certification program, its principals and process are important for our industry and the customers we support”, stated a spokesperson for Signalhorn. “As the world becomes increasingly reliant and dependent on the services that our industry provides, it is critical that we establish benchmarks, best practices, security and transparency. Signalhorn places tremendous emphasis on trust – it’s in our name, so a program that seeks to establish quality and performance standards for the advancement of our industry will always be of interest to us”, the spokesperson added.

The certification standards have been developed by a volunteer committee made up of teleport, satellite and technology executives as well as representatives of end-user customers.

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