Hybrid Network Solutions

You depend on your network connectivity to reach cloud services, centralized IT applications and your customers and suppliers. Signalhorn has developed a business continuity solution, regardless of technology, that can be easily integrated into existing corporate telecommunications networks.


Why hybrid networks?

When it absolutely needs to work. When you cannot lose connection no matter what, you need hybrid network solutions from Signalhorn. Our solutions ensure you have the most reliable and secure connectivity in the world. In other words - you have peace of mind.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Signalhorn for your hybrid network management.

Reduced complexity

One simple, reliable source for multiple high-bandwidth services.

Reduced costs

Rapid deployment of new services with minimal investment.

Increased security

Enhanced security, including internet route-free core, traffic separation via IP/MPLS-based VPN capabilities and security embedded at the service layer.

Greater reliabilty

Managed services leveraging Signalhorn's 40+ years technical and operational excellence.

What's included in hybrid networks…




Network Management

Security Management

Data Centre Colocation

We can connect you, no matter where you are

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“We selected Signalhorn for our broadcast services of the FIFA World Cup because of the long-lasting relationship among the two organizations, strengthened by the quality service that has consistently been provided over time.”

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