Clean Energy

The scramble towards clean energy alternatives is on. High oil prices, growing concerns over energy security, and the threat of climate change have all stimulated investment in the development of alternatives to conventional sources of energy. Signalhorn delivers the most effective communication solutions custom built around the needs of operators in this burgeoning market.


Build resilience… choose Signalhorn

Some of our customers are involved in establishing complex hydroelectric facilities, while others are developing innovative offshore wind parks, and others are focused on managing landbased clean energy power stations. In many cases, these activities take place under the most difficult environmental conditions. Whether it’s M2M communication, onsite security, or critical data connectivity requirements, Signalhorn can deliver cost effective and reliable communication services that ensure you maintain constant communication with the outside world.

Via our owned teleport our VSAT will connect back to your corporate network. Either directly via a dedicated line or via a secure Internet link, all done quickly and securely so that you can continue to do what you do best.

Network Services

Covering the multiple aspects such project have, like design, security, implementation and last but not least the ongoing network management.

Wireless solutions

Signalhorn delivers Wi-Max and Wi-Fi networks for operations in urban and rural environments. Ideal for cross-site links in large off-site facilities to connect the main administration.

Secure & security solutions

Signalhorn delivers secure connectivity to all your locations, regardless if they are in the middle of the ocean or an urban retail location and compliant to the highest security standards.

Voice & Fibre solutions

Signalhorn delivers the complete package. From a single phone at a remote location to a centralised multisite solution for voice, video conferencing and IM capability.


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