The hottest topic of discussion in the Data Centre industry today is, without a doubt, sustainability.

Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR) is higher on management agendas than ever before. This, paired with a growing demand for colocation and backup solutions, has placed a renewed focus on understanding the source of the energy used to provide these Data Centre applications. Signalhorn’s customers at our data centre in Leuk, Switzerland are no exception.

According to CBRE’s 2021 review of the sector, Switzerland is among the top 10 growing European markets and leading the way in responsibly sourcing greener energy solutions for customer Data Centre solutions.


It is widely reported that over 50% of companies still run their own IT data centre in-house with racks and cooling powered through standard mains electricity. It’s hard to imagine how these setups meet the rigorous standards required to achieve certified green solutions that can actually scale with the business; a vital consideration for CIO’s and other data professionals when looking for IT providers.

But scaling need not be an issue. Colocation is often seen as being unsustainable, conjuring images of large, power-hungry data centres mirroring the existing applications of hundreds of companies and drawing huge amounts of electricity from the national grid to do so.

At Signalhorn, nothing could be further from the truth and we have designed our facilities to be enablers for enterprises and other customers to achieve their ECSR objectives by hosting their business-critical applications in a Colocation Data Centre. 

The greenest of the green?

As energy is a fundamental component behind our Data Centre services, the team is always looking to expand our use of renewable energy to deliver 100% carbon neutral solutions for the benefit of the environment and our customers alike.

We’re doing this by looking beyond our primary energy source of hydropower, which is generated locally in the Valais valley and towards generating our own power through a number of innovative solar solutions. 

This is an ongoing project for the team here at Signalhorn starting with solar panels being installed across the entirety of our centre’s roof.

Please see the update from our CEO John Harris on the progress of this initial phase.

This work is being carried out throughout November 2021 ahead of the next phase which will see the installation of solar panels on the unused real estate of our large 30 metre C-Band antennas.

These antennas will then rotate throughout the day to track the Valais sun as it moves from East to West, generating the maximum amount of electricity possible.

Our 30m C-Band antennas will host solar cells across the entirety of their surface area.

With the facilities that we have available to us at Leuk, the expansion of green energy options are potentially unlimited but for now, we’re focusing on solar solutions to provide our Data Centre and teleport customers with 100% green energy for their business-critical operations.

If you have questions about our colocation Data Centre Services and how Signalhorn can help you meet sustainability objectives feel free to contact me,